Bakery Orders 

Hello and welcome to the bakery order page to get some of those one of a kind and amazing Nacheaux desserts!

Please allow 48hours notice to complete your order for pick-up at the reasturant. 

10in Cheesecake (serves 12-16)- $50

Crumb Donut

Fruity Pebble 

Cinnamon Toast 

Peach Cobbler

Blueberry Crumb


Cookie Dough 

10in Specialty Cheesecake- $60

Cookie Dough Crust  Cookie Dough

Nutella Ganache 

Tres Leches Cake (serves 10-12)- $35

Red Velvet

Cookies And Cream

Blue Velvet

Butter Pecan 

Lemon Cardamom 

8in Pies (serves 8-10)- $28

Peach Cobbler

Apple Cobbler

Sweet Potato

Spiced Pumpkin

Pound Cake (serves 12-16)- $40

Cookie Butter 

Sweet Potato

Lemon Cardamom 

Peanut  Butter 

Lemonade By The Gallon- $28

Blue Raspberry Guava

Kiwi Passionfruit 

Watermelon Peach

Peach Lavender

Cherry Peach

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