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Bakery Orders 

Welcome to Nacheaux's Sweet Retreat!

Dive into a dough-lightful world where every dessert is a work of heart, crafted with the flair and flavor that only Nacheaux can whisk up! From flaky pastries to sinfully good cakes, each bite is a crumb-come-true.

Got a craving for something egg-stra special? We've got you covered! Just give us a 48-hour heads-up to bake your dreams come true. Swing by Boss Po'Boys for the pick-up and be prepared to have your taste buds tango with Nacheaux's confectionery cha-cha!

Ready to sprinkle some joy into your day? Let's get this sweet show on the road!

**** Got a custom creation in mind? From bespoke birthday cakes to personalized pastry perfection, if you can dream it up, we can whip it up! Just drop us a line with your idea, and we'll craft a confectionary masterpiece tailored just for you. Your imagination is our recipe book!

Contact us to discuss your custom bakery desires. Let's make your sweetest dreams a delicious reality! ****

10in Cheesecake (serves 12-16)- $50

Biscoff Pop Tart

Fruity Pebbl

Cinnamon Toast 

Vanilla bean

Oreo Stuffed 

10in Specialty Cheesecake- $60

Cinnamon Roll Stuffed Cheesecake

Peach Cobbler

Strawberry Shortcake

Nutella Ganache 

Tres Leches Cake (serves 10-12)- $30

Red Velvet

Cookies And Cream

Blue Velvet

Butter Pecan 

Lemon Cardamom 

Nacheaux Ice-cream (serves 15-20)- $60

Peach Cobbler, crumcake, salted caramel 

Oreo, chocolate, chocolate cake 

Strawberry, cap'n'crunch

Curry, ginger

Pound Cake (serves 12-16)- $30

Cookie Butter 

Triple Chocolate

Lemon Cardamom 

Peanut  Butter 

Lemonade By The Gallon- $20

Pineapple Vanilla 

Kiwi Passionfruit 

Watermelon Peach

Peach Lavender

Cherry Peach

Doz Cupcakes- $40

Mint Chocolate Chip

Gold Flake Biscoff

Strawberry Lemonade

Butterfinger Stuffed

Doz Cookies- $30

Chocolate Cheez-its

Lemon Cardamom Cookies

Parmesan White Chocolate 

Luck Charm Express

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