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Meet Chef Anthony

“From a very young age, I have been fascinated with food- and I don’t mean simply food, but the look, the smell, the taste, and feel of what food means to a family and to a community. Growing up in the impoverished parts of L.A., I had limited access to healthy and fresh foods; always ‘fried this’ and ‘frozen that’. I always ask myself two questions: “Why do I have to continue making food the same way?” and “Why is delicious and healthier food not more easily accessible to all?”. Finally seizing the opportunity to open my own food truck gave me the platform to apply my love for ‘out of the box’ edible creations and deliver my restaurant quality food at a reasonable price out of the suburbs. I wanted to create a place where there is no identifiable demographic, but simply a place for all to love and enjoy some great flavor. Now that we have Nacheaux and I have seen that people enjoy the “Why?” mentality of my innovative creations, the sky is the limit with what will be able to accomplish. You will just have to stay tuned to see what crazy creation we bring to you next.”



The combination of 'nacho' and the French-Creole 'eaux' which makes an 'O' sound

Nacheaux Restaurant  is the concept child of husband and wife power couple Anthony and Stephanie Brown. I (Anthony Brown) am from Los Angeles, arguably the place with the best Mexican food within the U.S., and my wife (Stephanie Brown) was raised in Louisiana, a foodie capital known for Southern cooking with heavy French influence. The flavors and spices that have evolved together, much like our marriage, are bound to keep you begging for more. Our relentless energy and passion will continue to deliver delicious and unique creations to the hands and in the mouths of our community. Always looking for ways to step out of the box, our menu is ever evolving. Stay tuned for what Chef Anthony is working on next by following our journey on Instagram.


"If I Could Pay My Bills With 'Thank You!' And 'This Is Delicious!', I Would. Putting A Smile On Someone's Face Through Delicious Food Is My Passion."

- Anthony Brown -

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